For a press release announcing the establishment of the Sahrawi Movement for Peace

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A hundred cadres, former officers, former senior officials of the Polisario, dignitaries sons and descendants of members of the Sahara Assembly of the Spanish era, as well as university students and a good number of human rights activists have decided to promote a new independent political formation under the name of the Movement “Saharawis for Peace”.
The promoters of the platform include representatives of Sahrawi society from within and outside the territory, as well as from the Sahrawi refugee camps. There are also members of the Saharawi Initiative for Change, a critical political current that for more than two years tried to promote reforms from within the Polisario, but which, like other previous efforts, ended up colliding with “the intransigence and pride of an old well-to-do leadership in authoritarianism and antidemocracy ”, states the founding manifesto of“ Saharawis for Peace ”.
For the promoters of the project, it is an “unprecedented experience that breaks with the old totalitarian and radical Polisario model and introduces into Saharawi society the culture of political diversity and multipartyism that was so lacking in order to reach the levels of development and modernity of the XXI century ”.
“But above all – the document adds, it is a political option that bets on the peaceful route and aspires to occupy its rightful place as a new political benchmark on the stage. It is also encouraged by a firm and sincere willingness to exert positive influences and contribute, from alternative approaches, to the search for a viable and lasting compromise solution to the problem of Western Sahara ”.
To this end, the Saharawi Movement for Peace intends to contact the UN, the African Union, the European Union as well as the Governments of Spain, Morocco, the Polisario Front, Algeria, Mauritania, France and the United States.
The new political force intends to organize its first National Convention or Congress in a period not exceeding 24 months. During this period, a Political Commission made up of thirteen (13) members, together with a committee of six (6) advisers, will meet in its direction by telematic means in the next few hours.
April 22, 2020
MSP Press Committee

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1 thought on “For a press release announcing the establishment of the Sahrawi Movement for Peace”

  1. Congratulations on the launch of your new organization. The future of the Sahara has always been best decided by the people of the Sahara. I am confident that your movement will make a positive contribution to the search for peace through compromise, inclusion and mutual respect and understanding.

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