The MSP political leadership holds a meeting of evaluation, and the First Secretary declares that henceforth, legitimacies will be based on the ballot box.

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The Political and Advisory Committees of the “Movement of Sahrawis for Peace” held a videoconference meeting, yesterday afternoon, to evaluate the outcome of the work carried out by the various committees in the last two weeks.

The Committees also studied the proposal of the First Secretary regarding the composition of the Movement’s discipline committee.

During the meeting, the two Committees expressed their appreciation of the positive response on media and by Saharawi public opinion after the creation of the MSP on April 22. The members were impressed by the attention raised by the Movement in the international press, which outweighs that of the 15th Congress, the most important political event organized by the Polisario in the last four years.

The political leadership of the Movement are satisfied with the increasing numbers of enrollments in the new organization. Dozens of people, especially young university students have joined us in the last two weeks.

During the meeting, the First Secretary of the Movement, Hach Ahmed highlighted the need to intensify the work to achieve the goal set for the Movement, and congratulated the committees and work teams for the efforts they make. He also insisted that new members should join the task forces and teams of the Movement.

The First Secretary indicated that “the appearance of the Movement has given a new breath in the life of the Saharawi society, marked by democracy and political pluralism” which, he said “will certainly put an end to the monopoly of representativeness and legitimacy by the Polisario. These concepts in politics are not perpetual inheritances”, he stressed.

In the same spirit, Hach Ahmed pointed out that “the one-party mindset belongs to the past, and representativeness is derived only from the ballot box and not from historical legitimacies or tribal compromises”.

In his speech, the First Secretary of the MSP advised the Polisario leadership “to stop the campaigns of incitement to rejection and hatred against the Movement and its affiliates”, calling such practices “politically and ethically negligible”.

Hach Ahmed recommended to the Polisario leadership to control its “authoritarian and undemocratic gene”, and begin to live with other political trends and currents as it happens in any contemporary society. “It is time for them to learn from their past mistakes, and not close the doors of the future,” he finally stressed.

Press Committee

May 7, 2020

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