Polisario extremely distraught by dissidents’ challenging moves

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The Polisario leaders are extremely irked by the rising and challenging actions made by “the Movement of Sahrawis for Peace” (MSP), set up lately in Madrid by a group of opponents who have just sent a letter to the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.

The move deals a hard blow to the polisario Front, confirming that it is not the sole representative of the Sahrawis, as it has been claiming with the support of Algeria.

For the 150 dissidents forming the Sahrawis for Peace Movement, their goal is to defend a peaceful solution to the regional dispute over the Western Sahara.

This stand has been underlined by the leader of the newly created movement Hach Ahmed Barikela in his letter to the UN chief, affirming that the MSP is a “new and independent political force” that represents a broad spectrum of Sahrawis.

The Movement members want to play a central role in the search for a peaceful solution to the Sahara regional conflict, which has been smoldering for almost five decades.

The MSP is born out of the frustration, anger and discontent of the Sahrawis over the corrupt, feckless and oppressive polisario leaders who failed to reach a lasting solution to the Sahara issue and end their sufferings, while Brahim Ghali and his lieutenants continue to enjoy their comfortable life in luxurious villas and serve their personal interests, caring the least about the Sahrawis predicament.

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