The Movement of “Sahrawis For Peace” appoints the members of its political bodies and elects its First Secretary

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In a videoconference assembly, the founding Committee of “the Movement of Sahrawis for Peace” has elected the members of the Political Commission and the Advisory Council, the two bodies that will lead the movement until its next Congress.

The assembly has also allowed the 13 members of the Political Commission to elect Hach Ahmed Bericalla as First Secretary of the new political organization.

The members of the Political Commission are the following:

  1. Mohamed Lamin Uld Al-Nafaa.
  2. Afeluat Uld Mohamed Said
  3. Al-Haja Mint Baboit.
  4. Hach Uld Ahmed.
  5. Mohamed Uld Chej
  6. Abdalahe Uld Berray
  7. Hassana Uld Busaula.
  8. Lehbib Uld El Jershi.
  9. Dah Uld Meki
  10. Fadel Uld Braika,
  11. Brahim Halil Uld Zaui,
  12. Bahía Uld Abaali.
  13. Mohamed Ould Amran

Regarding the Advisory Council, the elected members are as follows:

  1. Ahmed Uld Mohamed,
  2. Hammadi Uld Bebabit,
  3. Mohamed Salem Uld Abdel Fattah,
  4. Naama Uld Bugah,
  5. Mustafa Uld Taher,
  6. Ismail Uld Lili,

In his first speech after his election, the First Secretary of the Movement thanked the members of the instituted bodies for the trust they placed in him, emphasizing the need to work intensively to push forward the project. He also stressed that the Movement is open to all opinions and propensities of Saharawi society.

Regarding the first tasks, Hach Ahmed underscored the necessity to form all the committees and work teams in the next few hours, bringing on board all the qualified people and intellectuals.

Both the First Secretary and the members of the two bodies paid tribute to the more than one hundred signatories of the Constituent Manifesto. In this regard, a working group made up of three members of the Political Commission was created to incorporate all members of the Movement into the work teams.

It is to be noted that many Sahrawis have joined the Movement in the last two days.

April 26, 2020

MSP Press Committee

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