Sahrawis For Peace

Peace Justice Concord

MSP is a new political project is born with the vocation to represent sensibilities and opinions of important and diverse sectors of the Saharawi population not identified with the positions and political and ideological projects of the Polisario Front.

 It is, evidently, an unprecedented experience that breaks with the old totalitarian and radical model of the Polisario and introduces in the Saharawi society the culture of political diversity and multipartyism that it needed so much to situate itself in the levels of development and modernity of the 21st century.

But above all, it is a political option that bets on the peaceful way and aspires to occupy the place that corresponds to it as a new political reference in the scenario. It is also encouraged by a firm and sincere will to exert positive influence and contribute, from alternative approaches, to the search for a viable and lasting compromise solution to the problem of Western Sahara .

For the “Saharawi Peace” Movement (MSP) the settlement of the conflict that, for decades, has been mortgaging peace, integration and development of the peoples of the Arab Maghreb, is a historical necessity since it will open a stage of détente and prosperity which will benefit the Saharawi people and other peoples of the region. It should also make it possible to reopen the borders, remove the wall in Western Sahara and allocate part of the military expenditure to the welfare of the peoples and to the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking networks and organized crime.

Among the principles and values assumed by MSP, the defence of coexistence, equality, the equitable distribution of wealth, as well as the protection of human, economic, social and cultural rights of the population stand out.